Immigrate to Canada

When we talk about how much it costs to immigrate to Canada through the express entry if you’re just interested in the numbers here for a single applicant as well as for a family of four now if you’re serious about calculating your budget accurately stay with me because we discuss here how we do it together through three steps.

Step 1.  To identify which costs apply to your applicationonce you do that you need to find out when you have to pay those fees so you can save the money in advance and we’re going to illustrate all this with two examples through case studies one of a single applicant and one of a family of four all right it’s going to be a bit long but keep reading, you can skip to the part that you want but let’s start with the basic so which costs apply to your application when we talk about the express entry we have two types of costs we have the preparation cost and the processing cost the preparation cost or the preparation fees is everything you need to pay to prepare a complete application and have it ready to be submitted to the government of canada here we’re talking about the educational credential assessment the language exam is the police certificate the medical exam etc etc now once you have finished preparing your application and it’s ready to submit then you can process it and this is where you need to pay the processing fees here we’re talking about the right of permanent residence fee the visa fee as well as the bio metrics okay now let’s dive deeper into the preparation fees these are the main preparation fees that we have it starts with the educational credential assessment we have the language exam for french and englishtranslation fees the medical exam report and other administrative fees like the police certificate photographs etcsome fees varies depending on the country for example ifyou take the french exam in quebec is going to be more expensive than if youtake it anywhere else in the world go figure but those are things you needto keep in mind now when we look at the processing feesthose are exact numbers they’re in canadian dollars and everybody has topay that to process their application the calculus of itwe’re going to see that in the case study butthese are the main fees per adult or per childand obviously if your family is larger it’s going to be more expensive but iguess you’re used to that more than me now let’s move to the second partplanning when do you have to pay the feeswe have two milestones in the express entry the first one is when you enterthe pool of candidate and the second one is after you receive your invitationwhen you submit your visa application so when we look at preparation andprocessing fees it’s logical the preparation time happens before yousubmit we have all the main expenses except the medicalexam because here the medical exam happens once you receive your invitationso between entering the pool and submitting the application buteverything else happens before and when it would come toprocessing fees once you submit your pr this is when youupload all your document to your online accountand enter your credit card information to pay the feesremember only by credit card the government of canadaonly accepts payment by credit card or by debit card if you live in canada anduse interac but that’s an important thing becausepeople unfortunately in many countries don’t have access to credit cardand then they get it to issues and delays and they ask if they could wiremoney and then they fall into scams so bottom line only by credit card allright now let’s get a bit more technical andaccurate with the case study let’s start with the case study of asingle applicant if you like this type of content pleasehelp me and help the channel by liking hitting the bell subscribing all of thatthat tells youtube that i create quality stuff and it keeps encouraging mecreating quality stuff all right so first we’re going to take alook at the first applicant in details and then you’re going tofollow the same logic for a family of fourso for a single applicant let’s assume this applicant is really serious becausewe want a role model somebody who has canada as a toppriority in his life and who want to put everything he can all hisefforts time and resources to get there as soon as possibleso this candidate when he starts he’s going to have to pay the language examhe’s going to take two because he’s really seriousthen the educational credential assessment the admin costs of the policecertificate all the photographs etc and the medical examnow that everything is ready the candidate got to the pool he’s beeninvited and he could submit his full pr application for a serious candidate allthis takes between 6 to 12 months six months if the levelof proficiency in the first language is really high alreadyand doesn’t require much studying more around 12 months ifthe applicant needs to study the first and the second languageokay so now that the application is ready to be submittedthis is when you have to pay the three processing feesof cic the first one is the processing application fee that’s 825 dollars thenwe have the biometrics that’s 85 and finally the right of permanentresidence of 500 those amounts are the latest to dateand the last update was announced by cic on april 2020 this brings us for asingle applicant to a total of twenty four hundred sixtydollars now we’re gonna do the same with afamily of four it’s basically the same thing exceptthat it’s gonna be much more expensive because there are more people and hencemore documents to provide so for the language exams for example it’s going tobe three tests instead of two because thewife or the husband will take a test as welleducational credential assessment it remains one in this case because itdidn’t really make sense to do a whole eca just for little pointsfor the accompanying spouse the admin factors are gonna bemore expensive obviously because there are four peopleand that’s the same thing for the medical exam now whenwe look at the processing fees it’s going to be the same again theprocessing fees instead of 825 only one time it’s going to be twotimes because there are two adults then they’re going to be two more to payfor the children it’s a smaller fee but still same thing for the biometricsit’s going to be 170 instead of 85 and for the right ofpermanent residence here it’s only for adults so all of thisbrings us to a total of forty eight hundred twenty dollars fora family of four but and here is a big but there is a huge warning that i wannamake sure that you understand and that you take into account when youprepare your application this is the minimum budget i repeatminimum budget this budget is assuming that you only take the exam once thatyou don’t make any mistakes in the preparationthat you don’t fall into any of the processing traps that happen once yousubmit it after you submit and that you do everything in the rightsequence so you don’t get any exam expired or things like thatthat’s why it’s important to be prepared ahead of timeso when you do your budgeting you make sure you don’t miss outand you lose three four five a thousand dollar because you didn’t fill out yourapplication properly so if you want to be a good studentstart by accessing your profile correctly makingsure you have the four things that are mandatoryto receive your visa not only get invited but actually receive your visathose are meeting the minimum requirement getting an optimal scorehigher than 440 points getting your credential actually worthsomething in canada and obviously having the proof of fundsin your account uh we’re going to talk about the proofof funds in a separate video because it’s a big topic in and on itselfbut you get the idea so make sure you actuallyassess your application properly that you have an optimal score that willenable you to receive an invitation and once you have all of that then youcan start paying for different organizations to get yourlanguage exam eca and all that but please do think in a smart wayassess that you have everything it takes first to get the visa then you can commit and actually start spending money and effort and time into the process. We hope you found this information useful