How to get admission in University of Technology, Sydney Australia 2023

Introduction to the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is a dynamic and innovative institution renowned for its focus on practical, industry-oriented education and cutting-edge research. Located in the heart of Sydney, Australia’s largest and most vibrant city, UTS offers a wide range of programs across various disciplines, preparing students for successful careers in today’s rapidly changing global landscape.

Established in 1988, UTS has quickly gained a reputation as a leading university in Australia and internationally. It is ranked among the top young universities globally and has consistently been recognized for its excellence in teaching and research. UTS is committed to providing an exceptional learning experience that equips students with the knowledge, skills, and attributes needed to thrive in their chosen fields.

At UTS, students have access to state-of-the-art facilities, world-class research centers, and a supportive learning environment. The university fosters strong industry partnerships, offering students numerous opportunities to gain practical experience through internships, industry projects, and work-integrated learning programs. This close collaboration with industry leaders ensures that UTS graduates are well-prepared and highly sought after by employers.

UTS is known for its strong focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. It actively encourages students to think creatively, challenge conventions, and develop entrepreneurial mindsets. The university has established innovation and creativity hubs where students can collaborate, explore new ideas, and bring their innovations to life.

With a diverse and inclusive community, UTS values cultural diversity and encourages international students to join its vibrant campus. The university provides comprehensive support services to help students adjust to university life and succeed academically.

Step 1: Select your course and start date

  • Visit the UTS course preferences and choose the undergraduate or postgraduate coursework program you wish to study, along with the teaching session you want to commence at UTS.
  • Note the application closing dates for each teaching session:
    • Autumn session (February/March):
      • Applicants based outside Australia: November 30
      • Applicants based in Australia: December 15
    • Spring session (July start):
      • Applicants based outside Australia: April 30
      • Applicants based in Australia: May 31
    • Summer session (November start):
      • Applicants based outside Australia: August 30
      • Applicants based in Australia: September 30
  • It is advisable to apply early to allow sufficient time for organizing your Australian student visa.

Step 2: Complete the application

Option 1: Submit an online application

  • Visit the UTS course finder and select the desired course. Click on the “APPLY ONLINE” button on the course details page and follow the instructions to register and submit your application directly to UTS International.
  • If you have already started your application using the UTS Online Application System, you can log in to complete it.

Option 2: Complete a hard copy application form

  • Download the relevant UTS International Application Form for undergraduate or postgraduate studies.
  • Fill out the form using a black pen, ensuring clear printing, and sign it personally. Applications signed by a UTS representative or proxy will not be processed.
  • Prepare all supporting documents as required.

Step 3: Prepare supporting documentation

  • All applications require supporting documents, which must be submitted to UTS.
  • The specific documents required will vary based on your application and the type of study you are applying for. Examples include:
    • Academic transcript: Include certified copies of your academic records.
    • English language proficiency: Include a certified copy of your English test score, if available.
    • Recognition of prior learning (RPL): Complete the relevant form if applying for RPL.
    • Work experience: Provide details and certified copies of references from your employer on company letterhead if required.
    • Supporting statement or portfolio: Submit a personal statement explaining your motivation to study the chosen course and your achievements. A portfolio may be required for certain courses; refer to the UTS Handbook for specific requirements.
    • Disability or ongoing medical condition: Attach a medical statement from a registered doctor if special assistance is required.
  • Ensure that all required supporting documentation is attached. Incomplete applications will cause delays in processing.

Step 4: Certified copies of supporting documentation

  • Certified copies of supporting documents can be accepted from authorized individuals or institutions.
  • Acceptable certifiers include employees of Australian Overseas Diplomatic Missions, UTS Authorized Representatives or Agents, Public Notary Offices, the institution that issued the document, or an Australian university.
  • Alternatively, documents can be verified by specific professionals employed in Australia, such as accountants, bank managers, barristers, solicitors, police officers, and more. Refer to the provided list for complete details.

Step 5: Application fee

  • Payment of the application fee is required unless you meet specific conditions, such as being a current UTS student or a UTS College student.
  • Payment options include using the secure payment site, submitting cheques or bank drafts payable to “University of Technology Sydney,” or using PayPal for online applications.

Step 6: Submitting the application

Submit your completed application form, application fee, and supporting documentation to UTS through one of the following methods:

  • In person: Visit the UTS International office located at UTS Building 1, level 3A (CB01.3A), 15 Broadway, Ultimo

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