About Us

Edwise consultant is not just an Education consultant, but we also do career counseling for students who really interested in making their career and future bright.

Edwise started officially in 2008 and we saw ups and downs in our earlier days. But our motivation and hard work prove that we are one of the leading education consultants in Hyderabad City and we are proud of ourselves and of our sincere and honest team who also played an important role to kept progressing this company.

Edwise Consultant mainly deals in these services. These six factors are very important. To get the best results or successful visas, we pay extra attention to cover every step very carefully.

We have described the whole process in summary, although the student admission and visa process is not that much easy. To understand what you need before applying for Student Visa.

Best Counselling Services

Edwise consultant is an education consultant, but we are not just providing consultancy services. We also do career counseling. We draw a complete career path for every student. It is our prime responsibility to guide our students in the right direction. Students are always worried about their future and more importantly their parents. Studying something which gives them a bright future is our main priority. And that is what we are doing at EDWISE consultant.