Study in UK

Registering with Us

The United Kingdom is one of the leading and favorite study destination for International students. We provide services according to our student’s requirement. Once a student gets registered with us, we provide all services from initial assessment up til visa grant.


In admission phase, we give all the information about Colleges, Universities, and Institue to our valuable clients. Students firstly chose the institution, then desired course in which they want to take admission.

For admission process, we provide document checklist to the client for arranging documents. Once all the required documents have arranged, we apply for admission on students behalf.

Tuition Fee

When we received an offer letter from the Institute. We acknowledge our client about this. Then next step is to accept the offer letter and pay the tuition fee. Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS).

Tuition fee can be made through DD or TT. The student will need to sign that offer letter and make DD. Once we get both things, we send this offer letter along with tuition fee back to the institution. Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS).

Upon receiving this offer letter and payment, Institute will issue a final letter called “Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)”. This confirmation of acceptance is required for visa purposes. 

Apply for a Visa

Applying for a Uk student visa is the last step like we do for other countries. To be successful in this step, students will have to follow our instructions and guidelines. Like other countries processes, we give check list to our clients to meet the visa application requirement before lodging a visa.

Successful Visa

Every visa application has a case officer, who is assigned by the Department of Immigration. Similarly, for student visa cases, a case officer will be assigned. Case officer communicates directly to the agent about the status of the visa application.

One case officer finalized the visa application and its decision, they inform through email or mail about the visa application outcome.

If the visa application is successful, we notify our clients about it. And also tell them to make travel arrangements. 

This whole process goes very smoothly if students/clients follow our instructions.