Immigrate to Australia

Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189)


This is a Permanent Visa. It means that skilled workers who have relevant qualification and experience can apply for this visa, if granted then it allows the applicant to live and work in Australia as a permanent resident.

There are some eligibility requirements which has to be met before applying for this visa.

Eligibility Requirement

1) You will be required an Invitation to Apply from Department Of Immigration before you apply for this visa.

2) Your Occupation must in the Skilled Occupation List and have your qualification and work experience assessed by the relevant assessment body.

3) This is a point-based visa. So you will be required to score at least 60 points to be eligible. But it is highly recommended that you must score as much as possible to be selected.

4) Another very important requirement for this visa is Age. A candidate can apply for this visa if they are under 50 years of age at the time of ITA. A candidate gets more points if they are under 30 years of age at the time of Invitation.

5) English language requirement is a crucial part of this visa subclass. To be able to apply for this visa, you need at least 6 band score in IELTS General. You must achieve 6 in each component (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking).

Please remember, 6 bands will only make you eligible to apply but it does not give you any point. So in order to get points, the applicant must achieve at least 7 bands overall and no band less than 7 in each of the component.

6) There are some health and character requirements as well. Health requirements can be met through Health examination conducted by Designated doctor panel. Where Character requirements can be met by providing your country’s police certificate/character certificate.


First Step:

Create an online account and submit Expression Of Interest (EOI)

Second Step:

After Submitting an online application (EOI) for this visa, the candidate will have to wait until they receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) from the Department of Immigration.

Third Step:

In the third step, where a candidate is waiting for the ITA, in that time, we advise our client to gather all the documents which they mention in the Expression Of Interest profile.

Fourth Step:

When a candidate received Invitation to Apply (ITA) from Immigration Department, they will have only 60 days to apply or respond to that Invitation. If they don’t apply for the visa within 60 days, then this ITA will be canceled. Then a candidate needs to submit a new EOI

Process Time

This Visa application processes in 4 – 6 months. But Sometimes It can go longer if there is any document missing or any clarification required from the candidate.

Upon Successful Visa

This visa allows you and your family members who are invited to stay indefinitely in Australia. Also, can enroll in any course or study any degree program. This visa also gives you rights to sponsor your blood relatives. Last but not the least, it will give you chance to become a citizen of this beautiful country after spending some time there.


Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190)


Skilled Nominated Visa is a permanent visa like Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189). But the main difference between these two is that: A state or Territory will nominate you only then you will be able to apply for this visa.

Eligibility Requirement

You will be required a Nomination from Australian Government or Territory to apply for this visa type.

Must have an invitation from Immigration department.

Your Occupation must be in Skilled Occupation List.

Get your Qualification and work experience from designated assessment body.

Should get at least 60 points to be eligible to apply.

Your age should be less than 50 when you apply

Demonstrate that you have competent level of English


Step 1

Before you apply for this visa category, you have to check whether you are meeting the minimum points criteria.

You must have to score minimum 60 points to be eligible, but if you want to succeed then score as many points as possible to be selected from the pool.

Step 2

You must get your assessment from the relevant assessment authority. It should be done before submitting an EOI

Step 3

After meeting the minimum criteria of 60 points, and receive a positive assessment and meeting English language requirements, it’s time to submit an Expression Of Interest (EOI)

EOI is an online application system, used to apply for Immigration or some other visas.

Step 4

Now, submitting an EOI successfully, your next step will be waiting for an Invitation to Apply (ITA).  If you receive ITA from Immigration Department, then you will only have 60 days to apply for the visa.

If you don’t do it in 60 days, then second and final ITA will be sent to you and this time if you don’t apply for the visa, you ITA will be canceled.

In addition, Expression of Interest (EOI) will also be removed from the skill select online system.

Process Time

In most cases, the process time for this visa type is 7 months from the day the applicant applied for the visa.

Visa Approval

If you granted a visa, you will have the following benefits:

You can stay in Australia for an indefinite time

You can work and study in any state, any college/University in Australia

Once you arrive in Australia, you should Enroll in Medicare, Australia’s scheme for health-related care and expenses as soon as possible.

One of the best advantages of having this visa is you can sponsor your relatives for permanent residence

Can entry or exit from Australia as many times as you like for the period of five years

Last but not the least, you can apply for citizenship after spending a couple of years in Australia.

Express of Interest (EOI)

To be eligible to lodge an Expression of Interest in the skill select system you need two things the first is a skills assessment in your nominated occupation. We did make a video about how to get a skills assessment in the you know most of the popular occupations. We will put the link in the description. In this video today we are only going to talk about the new points table in detail. Now to be eligible to lodge an expression of Interest you do need 65 points total including the state points. If you’re planning to lodge and EOI for 189 Independent Skilled Visa you need 65 points of your own and if you’re planning to launch a 190 state nominated visa you need 60 points of your own and state gives you 5 points. And if you’re planning to lodge the new Provisional Regional Visa which is subclass 491 which is a replacement of 489 you do need 50 points of your own and state gives you 15 points to make a total of 65. So the total of 65 points makes you eligible to lodge an Expression of Interest in the skill select system. Now let’s talk about all the categories in the points table so the first one is your age. So you know most of you will get maximum points for your age especially if you are between the age of 25 and 32. So you can actually claim 30 points until you turn 33. So a day before you turn 33 you can claim those 30 points. So the next category where you can claim points is your English language skills so if you’re someone who’s got 7 each in IELTS or equivalent you can claim 10 points, if you’ve got 8 each in IELTS or equivalent you can claim 20 points, in a situation where you have only got 6 each in your English test in case you are eligible to launch an Expression of Interest but you cannot claim any points for having six each in your English test. The next category is your Skilled Employment Experience so if you’re someone who’s got an experience outside Australia the only way you can claim points is if you’ve got a minimum of three years of experience in your nominated occupation and you get five points for that. But if you’re someone who’s got experience within Australia even for one year in your nominated occupation in that case you can claim five points. So the next one is your Educational Qualification so the maximum points are for a Doctorate level of studies for a Bachelor’s or a Masters you get 15 points for a Diploma level study or a Trade qualification within Australia you get 10 points. Now please note that this qualification does not have to be in your nominated occupation. So what that means is that if you’re nominated occupation is a chef but you know prior to that you also had a Bachelor’s degree in business or accounting then you can still go ahead and claim 15 points for your Bachelors. So the next category is your Specialist Educational qualification. So in this category you can claim ten points. In the past it used to be five but you know with the new changes now you can claim ten points. We did make a video about how to claim these 10 points for the STEM qualification we will put the link in the description. The next category is your ‘Australian Study Requirement’ so if you’re someone who has studied within Australia for a minimum of two years where you know or you can check that if your course was registered for a minimum of two years which is a ninety two weeks of study in that case you can go ahead and claim five points in your expression of interest. The next category under which you can claim points is a ‘Professional Year Program’, however this Professional Year Program is only available in Engineering, I.T and Accounting. In the past we did make a video explaining you about a Professional Year Program and how to choose a Professional Year Program provider we will put the link in the description. The next one is a Community Language so which is normally NAATI so we will put a link for the NAATI website where you can find out more information about it and if you have cleared a NAATI test you can claim five points. The next category under which you can claim points is a ‘Regional Study’ so if you’re someone who has completed two years in a regional state two years of study in a regional state you can claim five points. So we did make a video about top three regional states where you can actually study in Australia we will put the link in the description. So the next category and the most important category where you know the changes have taken place on the 16th of November 2019 are the ‘Partner Points’. So if you’ve got a partner who has got a ‘Skills Assessment’ and also six each in English in that case you can claim ten points. We did make a video in the past how to claim these ten points for your partner skills we will put the link in the description. In a situation you where your partner does not have a skills assessment and only has competent English which means six each in IELTS or equivalent in that case you can still claim five points for your partner skills. If you are somebody who is single you will be able to claim ten points in your Expression of Interest for being single.  if you have any questions about the points table or skilled migration please get in touch with us.