Study in Canada

Why Study in Canada

Canada is one of the great countries, especially for overseas students. If you really want to study in Canada, then you need to research few things before you proceed. 

Talk To Us

We always welcome students and their parents to discuss higher education from a foreign country. So, before making any final decision, we recommend students to book face to face consultation with one of our expert panel.

Officially Sign Our Contract

We do not charge any fee for initial consultation, it’s completely free of charge. In this way, we give advice to students, their study options and also explain in detail the process starting from Admission till visa grant.


After signing the contract, the first step for a student visa is to apply for an Admission. In Admission process, students chose a college or University of their choice. After selecting the Institute, we require all the documents needed for admission process. Remember, IELTS is mandatory for most of the Canadian Institutions at the moment.

Medical Exam

Medical Exam is another phase of this overall process. After successfully applied for admission, you will need to book a medical examination. Make sure you book a medical exam from the approved doctor set by Government of Canada. You do not have to send your medical report to the immigration department. This medical report will be sent by your panel doctor to the concerned visa office.

Funds Requirements

There are many ways from which students can meet these funds requirement. One of the easiest way to apply for a bank loan for abroad education purpose. 

This facility is available at almost all banks. Another way to support your case is to get bank statement of your current account. This should be at least 6 months old. The bank statement must show the amount equivalent to the tuition fee and other expenses. 

In both cases, bank loan or bank statement, Students get their visa easily. They both are legal ways to meet financial requirements.

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee is next in this process. Students or their parents need to pay tuition fee. Institute will only issue the receipt after receiving a complete fee. That receipt will be needed to apply for a student visa.

Apply For A Visa

After successfully completed all the above steps, next is Applying for a Student Visa. A student visa is generally be issued upon submitting all the required documents. If there is something missing from student documents, then visa officer asks for that particular document before granting or refusing the visa.

Visa Grant

That’s all. This is the final stage of the student visa process. If a student gets his visa then they should arrange accommodation and make travel arrangements. In addition, the student gets visa electronically these days, so there will be no stamp on the passport. But in some countries, there is still a visa stamp placed on the passport.