Study Destination

Study abroad is a fascinated experience for overseas students. There is always like a lot of questions in students mind when study abroad. Because, the student normally takes the decision for abroad education after completing graduation.

In recent years, Intermediate (year 12) students are willing to get higher education from overseas. International students look less interested to go to the United Kingdom for higher education as they used to go in the past. The root cause of this downfall is the UK’s policies for Overseas students which did not favor the overseas students. This ratio of refusal is so high and that is also the other factor. So students are in fear and that is why they do not want to choose the UK for their higher education destination.

These days students are mostly like to go to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, China, or the USA. 

EDWISE consultant encourages the student to study abroad and initially we do career counseling which helps us to know more about our clients and their plans.

Additionally, they also get knowledge and feel comfortable sharing ideas and long term planning after completing education. At the moment we have several countries on our panel. We work very hard to get the best possible options for our clients.

EDWISE consultant offers the best services in Hyderabad. And we have built our strong relationship with our clients. There is always a margin for improvement in any field and we always try to provide the best services to our clients. Our main goal is 100% client satisfaction.