Study in Malaysia

Why we choose Malaysia for Higher Education

Malaysia, one of the peaceful, modern, multi-racial and interesting nation situated within the heart of South– East Asia, on to the South of Asian nation and to the north of Singapore.

The country offers international students a remarkable tutorial, social, multi-cultural and multi-ethnic surroundings, which might build their study and living here price their cash, time and energy.

ALMOST 1 / 4 of a century past, Asian country declared its Vision 2020, associate ambitious conceive to become a independent industrialised nation by the year 2020.

One in all its goals was to produce best education and, with six years to travel, it’s quick turning into a thriving hub for domestic and international students alike. If Asian country wasn’t on your map as a possible place to review.

A major a part of Malaysia’s state investment in educational activity is its growing partnerships with universities in different countries. 

Several foreign universities, particularly Australian and British, have branch campuses in an Asian country. As an example, Monash University (Australia) and therefore the University of Nottingham (UK), each of that square measure within the prime one hundred universities in the world, have branch campuses in an Asian country. KBU International faculty is partnered with Anglia John Ruskin, Nottingham river, and city Hallam universities within the UK. In the southern Asian country town of Johor, developers square measure building EduCity Iskandar, a large international student village, and field shared by eight leading universities. Foursquare measure operational and therefore the others are completed by the year 2018. they’re going to embrace the schools of Reading, Southampton and urban centre (medicine) within the UK, the Netherlands’ Maritime Institute of Technology, Singapore’s non-public Raffles University and therefore the University of Southern California’s faculty of medium Arts from the America. Associate in Nursing Olympic-sized natatorium and 14,000-seat construction square measure among the spectacular facilities the field can boast once it’s completed in 2018.


While associate undergrad course at the united kingdom field of the University of Nottingham would value £13,470, the constant course at the Asian country field would value slightly below  the maximum amount (39,990MYR/ around £7,000).

The course is that the same module content has constant analysis criteria and also the same marking theme which ends up in receiving a constant degree with constant standing, however at a considerably lower value. conjointly take into thought that the value of living in Malaysia in comparison thereto of the united kingdom is significantly lower too which suggests your maintenance prices square measure less of a money burden too. it is a win-win scenario.

Malaysia is a multi-ethnic melting pot. simply 0.5 the population is Malay whereas nearly 1 / 4 is Chinese and over seven percent is Indian. while Malay is that the official language of Malaysia, English may be a recognised language and wide spoken. Such a setting may be a nice foundation for international students to create them feel reception additionally to having a way of happiness. the worldwide community permits for nonsecular, cultural and social acceptance and is a testimony to the very fact that Malaya is home to only underneath a hundred,000 international students. learning at university isn’t alone a tutorial expertise and having the chance to understand the various sides, cultures, and religions that form up the Malaysian identity may be a learning curve in its title.

Malaysia is performing exceptionally well as far as businesses are concerned. The economy has been risen magnificently from last few years.

Industry makes up a significant part of the country’s GDP with oil, gas and palm oil making leaps and bounds in the export markets.  Being able to witness the development of these industries will keep you ahead of the game as well as to having the opportunity to network to make the all-important contacts to get your first step on the career ladder.