Study in Ireland

Study in Ireland

A large island in north-west Europe is known as Ireland. The university education has been offering since the 16th Century. The country is renowned for its beautiful landscape, welcoming people and one of the best education system.

Scholarships and fellowships are available from the Irish government but the availability of these varies depending on what country you are coming from and what course you are planning to study. Some institutions also offer scholarships directly but these are limited and highly competitive.

 A Land Of Opportunities

Ireland is an excellent country for those who are planning to study abroad. Ireland has a lot of job opportunities, the awesome food and Tradition, and a Friendly atmosphere. There are many reasons to choose Ireland as a Study destination. Few of them are mentioned here.

No Language Barrier

Ireland is known as the only English Speaking Country in the European Union. This land gives you the chance to explore a new culture and especially do not have to learn a new language. There is some typical Irish accent present there but as you spend some time over there and get to know their people, it would be a piece of cake to understand.

Dublin’s docklands is home to many top multinationals

Job Opportunities

We are not wrong, if we say, Ireland is a land of Job Opportunities. That is why world’s best companies are present here and why not? The government gives excellent tax incentives. In addition, we can say that

It has the most educated workforce amongst the developed countries.

The social media giants like Facebook, Google, and Twitter have their company headquarter in Ireland

If we noticed, Ireland is also the favorite place for Pharmaceuticals company. World’s top ten pharmaceuticals company’s main offices are also present in there. It is one of the world’s biggest exporter of pharmaceuticals. It certainly means that there are job vacancies available for most of the people especially for students when they finish their studies.

happy people in Ireland]

Friendliest and the most Cooperative People

Generally speaking, Irish people are very welcoming people. One of the famous site mentioned in an article that Dublin is the third best city in the world to visit.

No matter where and how long you stay as a tourist in any part of this land, you find very friendly nature people around you who likes to welcome foreigner and chat with them.

A recent survey conducted and find this analysis that Ireland is at the top in the Good Country Index. This includes an overall contribution from Culture and arts, science and charity. It is a quite satisfying performance for a place of that size. At the moment, total population is about 5 million. 

Ireland Food

One of the best thing about is its wonderful food. Over the years, restaurant industry in Ireland has made big strides and now boasts around 11 Michelin-starred restaurants on  this beautiful land. Irish also successful in the field of meat and dairy products. The quality of fresh meat and dairy are ranked top in the world.