About Us

Edwise consultant is not just the Education consultant, but we also do career counseling for students who really interested in making their career and future bright.

Edwise started officially in 2008 and we saw ups and downs in our earlier days. But our motivation and hard work prove that we are one of the leading education consultants in Hyderabad City and we are proud on ourselves and on our sincere and honest team who were also played an important role to kept progressing this company.

Edwise Consultant mainly deals in these services. These six factors are very important. To get the best results or successful visas, we pay extra attention to cover every step very carefully.

We have described the whole process into summarized, although student admission and visa process is a not that much easy. To understand what you need before applying for Student Visa.

Selection of the right Course

Studying abroad always put a very significant impact over student’s life. Edwise Consultant always try to guide its client in a way that they will always appreciate our efforts.

It happens many times that our clients come to us and they don’t even know the course which they will be studying into the new country. And from their our responsibility starts and after finding a right course that helps the student not only for job point of view but also get permanent residency if they want to live there permanently.

Course selection is not an easy task, sometimes clients does not bear the fees expenses and ask for a low cost degree or diploma program. Choosing a right course plays very important role for the whole process because it really rely on students future. Edwise Consultant does not take any risk in this matter and gives student the best possible options for courses

Selection of the Institute/College/University

After carefully selected the course, second step towards Studying abroad is “University Selection.”  A top ranked university will give Student so many benefits, e.g a recognised degree world wide, Job offer during studies or before appearing into the final exams, sometimes student get the job after completing the degree. So we always suggest our clients to take admission in top ranked university.

Assistance in Visa Process

To enter into a new country requires everyone to get the visa permit. Every country in the world has different visa policies. Some countries do not required people from specific countries to get a visa, but for some countries they ask to get the visa first.

Visa is an entry permit of a non citizen of that particular country.  If someone does not have a valid visa of that country where they are visiting, then the immigration department will not allow visitor/student to enter into the country. 

Edwise Consultant has an excellent visa successful ratio. We give our 100% effort to fulfil the visa requirement of the country where our students would be applying. It is our duty to do research as much as possible for the basic requirements before applying for a visa.

we try our best to get successful visa from immigration department on behalf of our clients. 

We help our clients to filling up visa form, get documents attested from the concern authority, medical exam information and support etc…

English is an Essential part of Success

Who will deny the fact that English is mandatory for those who really want to success in the present world. English is known as the language of today’s world. Wherever we go, everyone speaks English or understand it. 

To be successful in the present world, we have to learn English and learn it quickly.

Getting admission in English Speaking country, student must pass the English Language test. There are many English Language tests which accepted by almost all Colleges and Universities all over the world but few of them are very famous and recognised worldwide. 


IELTS stands for international English language testing system. It is used to check the four aspects (Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading) of English Language of students, Immigrants, business people.  

IELTS test divided into two modules.

IETLS Academic

IELTS General 


IELTS Academic module used for study purposes while IELTS General module used for to apply for Permanent Residency.

Both Academic and General IELTS module has four components, which tests the ability of a student. 

These four components are:





In order to pass this test, student has to focus on these four components.

EDWISE consultant offers IELTS preparation and English Language classes at very reasonable fees.

Assistance for partial or full Scholarships

A part from course selection or selecting a college or University, we also deals in Scholarship programs. Many countries offer great scholarship programs. Some Colleges and Universities give up to 30% scholarships, few others offer up to 60-70%. While fewer do not charge any amount. Student just need to buy air ticket and pay for visa fee. All the other expenses beard by respective country’s government.

To get scholarships , student must score at least 70% marks in their final exam. We help students to get scholarship programs in a top ranked colleges or universities.

Best Counselling Services

EDWISE consultant is an education consultant, but we are not just provide consultancy services. We also do career counselling. We draw a complete career path for every student. It is our prime responsibility to guide our students to the right direction. Students always worried about their future and more importantly their parents. Studying something which give them a bright future is our main priority. And that is what we are doing at EDWISE consultant.