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Did you heard about in Yukon? John: They are needing at least 2,000 workers every year. Yukon, Canada: Needs a Skilled Worker and To be hired 2,000 Pinoy worker every year I know Yukon before because it is located at the north are of Canada North Territories in Canada but i watched the series YUKON GOLD more on minings No, It is a TV Series I think people there is going into minings but in Yukon, the population is few that is why they are looking for more immigrants How about the weather if you will compare it here in Winnipeg? It is cold there, Every province in the North Territories is colder than here in Winnipeg Because it is located at the Top most area of Canada near Alaska yes, it is near in Alaska, on top of British Columbia but if its cold, if we wear proper jacket that is ok, we can survive anywhere, anytime we can survive the weather if you become an immigrant or Permanent Resident in Canada You can move in any province of choice like B.C. , Toronto, Manitoba but today right now we will discussabout the new pathway there is a new pilot program in Yukonterritories and it is called Yukon Community pilot program an international mobility program in which this is the program that i think the best options to migrate in canada if you are not picky, when it comes to the weather, because Yukon is at the northern part of Canada but sometimes, in the most isolated part of Canada, we have an option to migrate and it becomes our gateway to Canada so.. with this program you are read it right, with the thumbnail of this video now this is a no ielts neededand even no education credential assessment no LMIA needed, to enter to this program especially, the fear for everyone the proof of funds in this pilot program, No proof of funds is needed and of course if we are 35 years old and above in other pathway there is an age limit but with this community pilot program no age limit as long as you you will beable to get the requirements or eligiblefor requirements to get started with this pathway it is a good chance the link of the website is at the description below you candouble check that one you are free to check it but for nowi will go around i will give you a quick tour on the websiteinformation where i got all the details proceed on the website soplease check the link at the description so this is what it looks like so i will love to introduce to youthe international mobility program yukon community pilot which is openfor all work permits and of course no need for lmia when it comes on uh trying thispathway so what is the main goal of yukon community pilot and as you can see the yukon communitypilot is a federal territorial permanent residentstream to work with a permanent permitcomponent so this pilot program is opened as you can see in the openedin january 2020 so it is almost eight months existing for thispilot program and the main goal of this uhprogram is to really to attract and retain immigrantsin yukon communities by testing innovativeapproach to permanent immigration honestly speaking, the population is few in that yukon territory but they are trying their best to build a larger community and which is involved uh looking for another option for allwork permits or people looking for work and come to canada to become permanent resident what are the participate in communities that we can check and look for a job so with this participatingcommunities all around yukon territories so as you can see try to startsearching in goggle the carcross carmacks, dawnson city, haines junctionwatson lake and whitehorse and i think the white horseis the the city the main city of yukon this are the participating communities that you can check for job availability to get a job offer to be qualified to the requirements again….with those requirements what arerequirements needed let’s try to check the employereligibility so in in regards to looking for workyou are allowed to work two to three part-time joboffers up to three employers so mainly… you need a job employer to support your applicationfor Yukon community or to this pathway then also um with this documentation, it is written for foreignnational decide to work in yukon you must submit their workpermit application online for two years open work permit so and this a good news withthe open work permit it can be extended with the work permit duration you canalways uh extend your work permit inprocessing with the work permit extension andif you are classified as noc type 0if your principal applicant is employed as at least noc type skill 0or skill level a or b your spouse or your common law partner are allow to to be with you to become anopen work permit as well so the program is really good soyou can always double check the website there are lots of information in regards to the new pathway which isyukon community pilot program so with this pilot program as i said i think in my own opinion it will be beneficial for all of ourcountrymen that has aged enough or reached the age limit 35 years and above it will be a goodopportunity to land a job or work in Canada in this pathway if you are a student internationalstudent that is here in Canada this is a good pathway or a good gateway to look for an options to land a job to become a permanent resident as i mentioned earlier, this is in the northern part of Canada but.. possible to migrate and of course to all our fellow countrymen who are here in Canada who already have a work permit you have the the opportunity to look forwork to the designated participating community in Yukon and based on what we have discussed with pinoypinoypinoy the really only goal for us, is to really enter Canada and become a Permanent resident once you become a permanentresident in what kind of gateway or pathway in any provinces to enter in Canada that is the primary goal and once you become a permanent residentyou will be able to gain or to access the mobility rights after becoming a permanent resident you can now transfer to any province ofchoice you want you will be able toum access with all those health benefits and the benefits of being a permanent resident in Canada I hope you learn a lot and try to check this this website andthen i will put link in the description below the website to look for job offers or job vacancies available in Yukon Territories so this is just a sharing of my thoughts, sharing of my my knowledge based on experience and of course with our research and updates in life in Canada when it comes to migrating here I hope you learn something I hope you catch some ideas on how to migrate to Canada with all those pathways from Express entry aipp student um student pathway and even your caregiver path way as an alternative as an option to go to canada as a gateway also to Yukon and become a permanent resident

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